Why clients customise?

Beyond aesthetics, full customisation is one of the essential parts of a compliance system. There is no one size fits all and like any compromise some parts will be overlooked. Our research says to stay away from generic systems. Let’s take a look at why both aesthetics and functionality are just as important when it comes to customising your compliance software.

Aesthetics and Branding

Branding ensures your look and feel and promotes your organisation. Compliance and induction systems are often a persons’ first look at your organisation. What does your system say about you?

At the very least a well branded system needs to:

  • Organisation Look and feel
  • Logos
  • Colours
  • Personalised ID Cards
  • Customised reports


We believe clients should have access to make their own changes. Why? This has proven to have many benefits in the past, including:

  • Changes are done quickly, not waiting on instructing a 3rd party
  • Changes are done accurately without possible misunderstandings
  • Changes can be trailled and viewed, and edits made as needed
  • Changes can be temporary for seasonal and annual updates

What sort of areas should clients have access to? In the past most of the tasks fall into these categories:

  • Clients can set their own business rules
  • Clients can customise their own reports
  • Clients can customise system features

That’s a quick rundown of the lessons learnt over the past decade. For more information or guidance contact one of our friendly staff. Many businesses often get bogged down with ineffective and time consuming procedures. Simply answering a quick enquiry or having a quick chat with our friendly staff may be all you need to bridge the gap to best practice.