What is Effective Induction & Onboarding?

An effective induction & onboarding system needs to be simple and user friendly in order to be most effective. It must also meet regulatory requirements and be interactive. It must save time and money. And it must take into account the needs of your system users. Sounds easy, right? The measurement certainly is. All you need to do is ask yourself this: does your current induction and onboarding system meet the above requirements and measurably save you time and money? If not, it’s time to consider an upgrade to Central Compliance to meet all your induction and onboarding needs.

The importance of simplicity.

The company, you, need to be able to setup and modify the system as the real world changes. The user needs to be able to quickly login and achieve competency and compliance. The effectiveness comes from powerful and complex behind the scenes programming that provide a simple user interface process for the company and users. You don’t ever have to worry about the complex back end of things!

Ability to easily apply new regulatory requirements.

As legislation changes, updates are mandatory to be passed on to your system users. To be effective, these updates should be easily and quickly rolled out. Your Central Compliance system allows you to do exactly that. In fact, we monitor international legislative requirements of business owners and notify you in advance of pending requirements, giving you time to update your content and ensure a continual process of workplace compliance.

The importance of an interactive system.

We’re often asked if your average PowerPoint Presentation is as interactive as a face-to-face induction. To be effective, the interaction needs to be a two way street. That’s why the Central Compliance system works on collecting information from system users, not just presenting information. The Central Compliance system have different assessment methods that serve to ensure your system users understand the information presented to them. Our highly interactive SCORM feature allows you to identify gaps in understanding and take appropriate steps to fill the gap.

Our promise to you.

With the above aspects now identified, the time and cost element needs to be accounted for. It’s very clear you stand to save time and money recording competencies, gathering licenses and documentation and delivering documents and content online rather than in a face-to-face environment. An effective induction and onboarding system such as Central Compliance has the ability to achieve this. Not only are you supported by industry tested leading software, you’re provided by a network of support staff ready to assist with any needs you may have.

Not ready to make the switch?

Just as an industry leading system such as Central Compliance can save you money, a sub par system can end up costing you more time and money than it saves you. These include problematic systems, legacy portals, multiple logins and system downtime. You can rest assured this is not the case with Central Compliance. Our extensive experience ensures you a smooth transition into the world of induction and onboarding delivered online.

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