How to keep up with Standard & Regulation amendments and news?

Here at Central Compliance, we’re often told we are the “eyes and ears” for all things safety. Rest assured if we have industry case studies or there is new legislation you will be notified.

2016 has seen many new developments, one of which we have been closely monitoring since 2013.  New Zealand’s legislation was  bumped a number of times since first being tabled in 2013 but the Health and Safety Reform Bill was eventually passed, resulting in new laws coming into place on April 4th 2016. There has been a lot of work put into our NZ clients to get them compliant with the new legislation and it has been a great achievement by the entire Central Compliance team.

Part of what we do here at Central Compliance is decipher legislation. We put in the ground work to extract the key parts each client and industry needs to know. Some legislation changes are merely clarifications, whilst others require your action in order to ensure compliance. You can rest assured, we’ll remind you of any information pertinent to your industry and workplace.

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