Learning Management Feedback

Feedback is vital in any learning experience, and a Learning Management System is no exception. Feedback to management and Supervisors provides scores, times, results and issues back from the learners. The feedback can be used to identify gaps in training and to take steps to address any gaps. Feedback also provides Management with an indication of the quality of the presentations used. Sometimes, LMS results indicate an issue with the learner retaining or understanding the knowledge presented. This however, doesn’t always mean the issue is with the learner. Sometimes an update or overhaul of the information presented, or format in which it’s presented, is what’s required in order for learners to better understand the information.

An effective LMS system will provide Management the necessary results in order to determine what is required to improve learner understanding. With the correct feedback Management can take steps to address the root cause of learners not understanding information presented. In our experience it’s usually one of three causes and appropriate feedback helps identify the cause.

  • Many learners not understanding information presented: This is usually due to poor quality information, outdated information and/or information not provided in which to answer assessment questions. Feedback of this nature would suggest simple changes to make the information more visually appealing is all that’s needed.
  • Minority of learners not understanding the information presented: In this case, our experience tells us a language barrier is the most common cause of lack of understanding. The Central Compliance system can house information in different languages in order to account for the varying needs of learners.
  • Specific areas learners are frequently scoring incorrect results: If different learners are consistently scoring the same questions incorrectly Management should consider providing extra information relative to the corresponding question.

The above points demonstrate why effective feedback is a necessity on an LMS system. To discuss this further, please contact Central Compliance.