Learning Management Follow Up Training

Follow-up training requires an effective feedback loop. Follow-up training can be in the form of learning management courses with more detail and explanation, or in a face-to-face format depending on the type of information needing to be presented. Understandably, some learners have difficulty learning practical skills from on-line learning courses. This can be counteracted by including videos with practical examples into your learning courses, but in some cases learners need the opportunity to witness or practice the skill in real time.

Most often, follow up training can be presented within the Learning Management System and allocated to individuals on an ad-hoc basis. Such courses generally have extra information not included in the initial course. This format is very commonly applied to the learning courses for Supervisors who are required to complete general Employee courses, as well as courses relevant to their Supervisory duties.

In conclusion, if your current LMS provider isn’t providing you detailed LMS reporting it’s time to consider switching to Central Compliance to further your learners’ learning experience.