Learning Management Presentations

Nobody wants death by PowerPoint! Lengthy, boring, outdated PowerPoint Presentations are only a small step up from outdated face-to-face presentations.

A clean and easily understandable presentation is a must. To start with, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of PowerPoint to ensure you have access to any new features. Then follow our simple points below in order to keep your PowerPoint Presentations informative and interesting.

  • Keep long text to a minimum.
  • Incorporate images that are not overpowering.
  • Embed videos to further engage learners and provide a different medium. Videos can be added via YouTube, Vimeo or direct from your PC. Videos are a great addition when information such as manual handling is being presented and a practical demonstration is given.
  • Consider adding voice-overs in order to combine both visual and audio. The combination of these two mediums results in the learners absorbing more information.
  • Consider splitting one large presentation into smaller individual presentations.
  • Ensure the content is up to date and applicable to your learners.
  • Apply your corporate colours or corporate theme to your presentations.
  • Add hyperlinks to your intranet or internet page where applicable.
  • Use different fonts, colours, sizes, page transitions and animations to create a visually appealing PowerPoint Presentation.

By following the above basic steps you too can create visually appealing PowerPoint Presentations for your induction and learning management needs.