Online Induction System

How do you keep track of your compliance?

At Central Compliance, we have you covered.

Areas often missed:

  • Adhering to Worksafe Victoria’s guidelines
  • Understanding your Acts and what’s applicable to you:
  • Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013
  • Accident Compensation Act 1985
  • Accident Compensation (Occupational Health and Safety) Act 1996
  • Workers Compensation Act 1958
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  • Equipment (Public Safety) Act 1994
  • Dangerous Goods Act 1985
  • Mines Act 1958

Central Compliance explained in two minutes:

There’s inductions and there’s Induction Management

What is really involved in effective induction management? What are the risks of just installing an online induction system instead of meeting requirements?

We are your eyes and ears for Regulations. What sections impact your business?

  • Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations 2014
  • Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation (Savings and Transitional) Regulations 2014
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017
  • Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017
  • Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2012
  • Dangerous Goods (Transport by Road or Rail) Regulations 2008
  • Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2011
  • Dangerous Goods (HCDG) Regulations 2016
  • Magistrates’ Court (Occupational Health and Safety) Rules 2005

With a Central Compliance system;

you can rest assured that we have you covered. We don’t simply give you software, we give you a lifetime of support, information, updates on regulation changes and a wealth of knowledge to ensure your inductions keep your workers safe.

Central Compliance help you get it right by providing:

  • Industry templates to ensure compliance and audit points are met.
  • Easy to follow screens which allow inductees of all skill levels, backgrounds and competencies to easily complete inductions.
  • The ability to present interactive and visually appealing content.
  • A Company Pre Qualification option ensures Contractors can complete inductions in a timely manner.
  • Industry level required reporting as a standard option.
  • Ability to efficiently change content and induction structure as required.
  • WHS Compliant online induction system.
  • An ID confirmation process that captures inductee photo and produces unique ID Compliance Cards.

Access to all of these features and unlimited support ensures Induction Management is easy for Managers and workers, plus ensures compliance in your workplace.

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