Why use interactive assessments over multiple choice?

Put simply, it’s equally as important to present your information in the most appropriate method for your learners, as it is to ensure retention of knowledge and proper understanding of information presented.

Too many systems have a ‘tick and flick’ assessment system. A simple tick box that says ‘Yes, I understand’ is not enough to ensure learner understanding of your LMS content.

In years gone past, a simple multiple choice question and answer format was sufficient but advances in programming have long since left that format behind. Multiple choice assessments don’t provide Management with a true reflection of learner understanding. There is nothing stopping learners from having multiple attempts at questions until the right answer is guessed. All too often systems that offer only this format provide minimal or not reporting to Management. That means Management can’t tell who answered the questions correctly the first time and is likely to have a better understanding of the information presented, and who took many attempts to guess the correct answers and most likely has minimal understanding of the information presented.

This makes it virtually impossible for Management to identify gaps in training and take steps to rectify the situation. It also places the whole workplace at risk of workers being on site who don’t fully understand safety requirements.

The Central Compliance system offers both multiple choice and interactive assessment formats. Multiple choice has it’s time and place in an induction and Learning Management System, but it’s not recommended to rely on this format as a sole means of assessment. Information that is ‘nice to have’ in an induction but not critical to the role often suits a multiple choice assessment format. However mandatory requirements, compulsory procedures and any safety information is best paired with an interactive assessment format to ensure learner understanding.

The Central Compliance system interactive assessment formats are as follows:
• Drag and drop
• Match up
• Multiple answer (where more than one answer is correct)
• Answer choices with images
• Hotspot, and
• Fill in the blanks.

When using the interactive assessment formats in the Central Compliance system, you’ll be provided a detailed report on your learners assessment performance each time an LMS course is completed. Details include duration of assessment, attempts per question, time spent on each question and overall pass/fail result – all of which is customisable. This information is essential to identify gaps in training and ensure learner understanding of information presented.

For a detailed demonstration of the different interactive assessment formats please contact your friendly Central Compliance staff today.